IIEC Chief Welcomes HOFEX 2018

IIEC Chief Welcomes HOFEX 2018

Abbas Ghobadi, caretaker and member of the board of directors of Iran International Exhibitions Company issued a message on the 27th International Exhibition of Home Furniture, which is underway at Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

The furniture industry is in fact a combination of art, science and industry. By using machinery, equipment, creativity and art, a product is made that enhances the interior spaces of buildings, working environments and homes, and attempts to promote the industry in the country and the production of goods Global desirability could further boost our nation’s name in target markets, boosting value added, creating jobs and bringing significant value.

The furniture industry has the qualitative and quantitative capabilities of products to meet the needs of the country. Due to the network structure and multi-sectoral structure relying on diverse skill classes, this industry has an important part of the country’s production, and with the desired capacity of production and export capacity, it is considered as one of the sectors with potential for resistance economics.

One of the solutions to expand the furniture-related industries is to provide the opportunity to invest in developing and increasing the productivity of existing activities, as well as scientific and applied information and promoting new management practices. The organization of specialized and international exhibitions in this field can play a very important role in this matter. Have. In fact, the show of technological advancement, economic growth and development, shows the basic and basic activities in the related industry.

The 27th International Furniture Exhibition is a symbol of the potential, innovations and creativity of the domestic industry. Holding this exhibition is a frontier of the country’s industrial and scientific potential to expand its range of activities internationally, as well as to strengthen domestic industries and diversify the production and presentation of products of competitiveness.

Iran International Exhibitions Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran is grateful to all the officials, specialists, manufacturing and exporting departments who have provided their goods and services, and has been able to provide the necessary platform for the most magnificent event of the exhibition.